SFR leaving fees - Les frais de déménagement

(Nigel Birkett) #1

Has anyone else had issues with SFR chasing you for
49 euros for terminating your account (after 9 years a customer)?

This is despite me informing them that I have sold and moved back to the
UK (one of the legal reasons to avoid this charge),
they still think it worth trying to get some extra money out
of me as well as all the hassle of having to send back 4
year old tv box etc.

All in all, I would advise against using SFR - they do not
respond to emails sent to and
so it is either a hopeful letter or an expensive phone call from


(Richard Carpenter) #2

Yes, I had the same treatment when I left SFR ages ago. Thankfully Orange covered the leaving penalty for me as a new customer perk. Incidentally, as soon as the Orange internet was up and running my speed went from half a meg to nearly ten. Result! and it is cheaper.

(Graham Lees) #3

Wern’t they previously Neuf?
They had an awful reputation and from as long ago as 10 years when we first came to France, people were advising to avoid them like the plague!

(Nigel Birkett) #4


It was a Neuf box but always SFR to my knowledge. I originally went with France Telecom but they were truly awful, then a few months ago I tried a 4G box from Bouygues who sent me 2 of them by mistake and undoing that problem took forever so I suspect all of them are as bad as each other. The lesson I have learnt is try to avoid companies that you can’t easily reach their customer service department (e.g. by email or chat).


(Graham Lees) #5

Our experience with Bouygues is quite different.
We have 2 mobile accounts with them and when we had a problem with one of them (being charged for a service we did not contract for) we dealt with their on-line chat facility and were given appropriate advice on how to resolve it.
We are very pleased with Bouygues and have extended both mobile contracts in consequence.
It is a shame that we are just shy of the 4G coverage because we would have liked to go along that route with them.
Our experience with Orange is satisfactory; I really don’t see the point in jumping ship for another wired connection (SFR, Bouygues, expat or whatever) because as Orange (aka FT) own the infrastructure, you are always going to be held hostage to fortune if things go wrong. On those (thankfully rare) occasions when our internet service has dropped short of expectations, Orange have been quick to respond and ‘up the gain’ or send out an engineer to investigate which has often involved the engineer visiting the exchange to give the equipment a swift kick in the proverbials :astonished: