SFR *NERVE*-BOX driving you insane?

I think Brian suggested solution... of dumping it and signing up with different company?

Almost put mine under car wheel, then... spotted a 'reset' pin-point hole, on left hand side.

Never tried before.

Poked it with the pointy bit... of tablet recharge cable.

Truly, perfect now. Almost Immediate response.

Brilliant shining lights, inc green 'online ok' one, that had vanished entirely, no hiccups, continuous connection.

SFR tech. had told me that I needed the all-new updated box.

It didn't work, so tried the old...dire neufbox again.

hooray for a good connection.

Do you know there are lots of functions on your SFRBox, it is much better than the orange service. One thing is the “hotspot” function which is standard in France, If i knew it. if you dont want people across the road using your wifi you can turn that function off. IYou can control and block unwanted calls, you can hide your SSID. The WEP button seem to be a cool thing to have but when you press it you open your service to unwanted villans.