SFR Neuf Box

SFR Neufbox
I have obviously been lucky so far as this is my first experience with the dreaded French circular bureaucracy (sp). Despite many hours I have achieved nothing as far as getting the thing working or removing the rip off additional charges for a service I did not request (Typically one suggestion was to change my requested service to remove this 10 euro charge - and guess what , that costs 15 euro to do).

I cannot mail them a complaint (no mail here). Is there any such thing as an Ombudsman for this sort of thing in France

Many thanks!

no I can't find it on their site either! But looking back through my files I've found it, not sure if it's still valid after all the changes and the fact that the last time I had a problem with them was 2009...! Still with them and no problems since and that includes 4 house moves.

SFR Service Consommateurs, 92915 Paris La Défense

Courage ! ;-)

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I'm new here, - So Hi to fellow members. I list my "city?" as Bergerac, but actually I live near a small village, - St. Marcel du Perigord. Pleased to meet you either virtually, or in the flesh.

I switched to Numericable from SFR on their combined phone/internet package as they promised 15Mo.

What they actually delivered was half of what I was getting 1Mo.

After 5 months of me sending recorded delivery letters, & them telling me it was about to happen, I have switched back to SFR. - Except that I haven't! The line was disconnect from Numericable on the 13th December, & SFR despite repeated promises, have not re-connected me.

(To make my frustration worse, SFR & Numericable are merging their services in January).

So, dear Andrew, if you have the co-ordinates of the SFR complaints office, I would be very grateful.

Unless I'm blind it does not feature too prominently on their web-site.

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SFR have a Paris based complaints unit if you don't get any joy locally. I had a few problems with them, moved a couple of times but in the end everything's fine and there as good or bad as any of the others (was with Alice before). the problem is the french way of doing things - you need to send everything by recorded delivery "en recommandé". But if you are in the right their Paris office should sort it out - they did for me after months of hassle locally - nothing gets sorted overnight in France!

Try Que Choisir, they are the roughly the equivalent of 'Which'