SFR, Orange Bouygues prices to rise..check your bills

Seems it’s not just SFR who are trying to sneak increases through, while we are all preoccupied with summer…

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Bouygues have been good to me recently. They changed my mobile contract from 2 hours of free calls to unlimited with no change of tariff. A couple of years ago they doubled my data package too.

That’s good to hear David… some folk have not been so lucky… there is quite a row going on about these price-hikes… :unamused:

I think in my case they had to make their package more competitive as La Poste etc were offering much better deals.

UPDATE:… I was in the Charente last week and my friend mentioned that his SFR bill had more or less doubled…in the last couple of months…

After much investigation… it turned out that… yes… he was being charged for all sorts of things…not just what he had originally contracted for.

Major problem for him was that all info/bills/ etc was being sent to him electronically (on his phone) and NOT in paper form. Now, I do want to save the trees… but… if someone has a problem with a language… it really is best (in my opinion) to have it all in writing… on a piece of paper… that you can take your time to read/translate and pay great attention to the “small print”.

He has phoned me today… to confirm that Bouygues were offering a good Deal… but when he mentioned this to SFR… they immediately came down off their high horse, matched the offer and promised to behave in future…:wink:

Hopefully… he will get everything in paper form and make sure he knows what is going on… I have reminded him that some offers have to be “refused” or they will be automatically added to the contract…

This is something for us all to watch out for…cannot stress this enough… there are enterprises out there trying to part us from our money :worried:

Is that for fixed or mobile?
I currently have a fantastic deal on my mobile with Bouygues until next June. All calls and date included as well as 20G0 data… all for 1.99€ I doubt that will continue after the expiry of the year. :disappointed_relieved:

It is for his internet connection in the holiday home… today’s confirmation message from SFR talks about…“souscription à la Starter Web”… (I think TV is in there, maybe not… TV is certainly coming from somewhere…:grin:)

He joined SFR in 2015… with this same Offer… they tried upping it once before, but backed-down… this year they have been surreptitiously adding-on bits and bobs…and now they have backed-down once again… about time they got their Act sorted out.

Ah, right. Thanks Stella