SFR owe me a refund but it's not happening


I have a 10 euros a month contract with SFR mobile which includes all UK landlines and texts, and in March I found out they have been charging me 67 cents a minute for all UK calls, adding up to 130 euros for 2 phone calls, plus many other calls that I haven’t added up yet. When I got a text saying how much my bill would be, I called them up, explained the situation, they apologised and said I wouldn’t be charged for it. A few days later, I was indeed charged the full amount. I rang them again, and re-explained the situation, and they sent a text confirming that I wouldn’t be charged for any calls to england within a 2 month period. However, I didn’t receive the promised reimbursement.

I’ve been trying to get this money back for about 3 months, and each time I speak to them they tell me I am not entitled to a refund, then begrudgingly agree that I am, and tell me I will have it in 5 days. 3-4 weeks later, we go through the same process, and now I’ve spoken to them on 6 occasion and the money has yet to appear.

I’ve tried their twitter page, the SFR chat and their twitter emails, and phone calls but nothing is happening. I’ve asked for a postal address to send a Mise en Demeure but I can’t find one and SFR have refused to give me one.

What can I do now? I know I’m legally entitled to this money back, as well as the rest for all of the calls to England, but it’s like talking to a brick wall. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here are the two addresses I found through their website:

12, rue Jean-Philippe Rameau - CS 80001 - 93634 La Plaine Saint-Denis CEDEX

SOCIETE FRANCAISE DU RADIOTELEPHONE - SFR, Siège social : 1 Square Bela Bartok 75015 Paris

You could send your letter to both addresses…hopefully this might work…

I had a similar problem some years ago with SFR and was advised to post the problem on the Forum of LesArnaques ( You have to do it in French, and list what you have done to try to get the problem rectified. If the moderators of the Forum decide you’ve been ripped off they will take the matter up with SFR. I didn’t hear anything (from anyone!) for some weeks but then had a very handsome apology on the phone - in English - and a handsome compensation as well. LA are very good at taking on the big boys and also sorted EDF and Carrefour Online for me over the years. I found them brilliant and can’t recommend them highly enough.

That’s fantastic!

Thank you both very much. I’ll start by trying lesargaques, and if that doesn’t pan out I’ll send legal documents to those two addresses