SFR vs Orange for mobile only (newbie in La Rochelle)


My husband and I recently moved to La Rochelle, from California, USA. I believe I have corresponded a couple of times with folks on who live not to far from here -- but I am not sure if I can get back those emails. So, if you see this, and maybe want to get together, please reply back.

My question is about the service providers SFR and Orange (for smartphones) and what differences you all have noticed; do you have a preference and why. We have no landline, so these are the only phones we will use. As we are so new to the area, I see us needing less phone call and sms needs and more data needs-- as we get lost a lot and need data for mapping and locating things on the fly. Altho, I just found an app called ulmon-- so that may help out. Occasionally, I may need to call the USA directly (only for businesses that are not on whatsapp,skype).

I noticed the post office had an amazing plan of 18.99 for 20GO, unlimted, text and calls. It is with SFR, but it only is for within France. I see they have an international plan -- but my French isn't good enough to understand it. :(

I thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts on these service providers.

Kind regards,