Shameful behaviour by the UK Government... again

Sticking its oar in and defending war criminals now.


This can be changed next week.

I wonder if it will be though? Starmer has, as on everything else, shilly=shallied on the Israel question. Plus, reputational damage has been done, though the strength of the lobby groups has been revealed.

SKS won’t do a thing about it out of fear of fresh anti-semitism allegations against his party and his trying to be Not Corbyn, who was/is a big fan of PLO and other murderous followers of a certain prophet.

I think your assessment is probably correct. Whatever about not initiating it, stopping it is probably beyond him. Which is why it’s been kicked off this week.

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Quite the little poodle, the UK.


No doubt at the behest of the US, as the US has no voice, not being a member.

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Yes, it’s shameful. Take back control :joy:

This is only playing to the extreme right wing which associates Israeli government policy with antisemitism.
Does Starmer want to identify with right wing extremist policy so early in his government?