Share your coat of Arms (Family crest)

Sorry Chris for my slight on your Kite heritage, and all your (unruly) forbears. It was, and is, my bladder that has seen better days, so to speak…

There’s more Peter,

Early Origins of the Kite family
The surname Kite was first found in Gloucestershire where they were of the early west country landed gentry. Although, there is also early record of them in the East, where a Richard Kete was listed in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1166.

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t find any of it particularly relevant to me anyway. The only way to properly prove your ancestry is to do the research.

Absence of epicanthic fold argues against their being Chinese, Mark. No “slitty eyed” emojis, as the nobility would have it. :roll_eyes:

One possibly antipodean one :upside_down_face:

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I wasn’t thinking it likely that all Wrights wherever they are in the world now would be related by family…I found this too…the Picts were also known as “the painted people”…could explain why I also have lots of tattoos…x :slight_smile:

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Oh no!
you don’t :roll_eyes:

I’ve only just started using emojis although my kids use them frequently in texts…and incompatibility between phones has been quite amusing…back in the late 2000s I started to notice that in online petitions whether it was about campaigning against Bayer or Monsanto or sygenta or any of the agri chemical corporations that there was no flag for Palestine…I think there are now apps available for download with lots of emojis for diverse skin colour…