Share your pet photos!


(Bill Morgan) #123

Bijou, :rofl: :heart:

(Meghann Robbe) #124

Georgee-3 months old

(Meghann Robbe) #125

Here is my Georgee…he is almost 5 months

(stella wood) #126

Going through my brother’s photos…

Here is Runt (1.5 yrs) on the left and Young One (14yrs) on the right…of course Runt looks older but that is because Young One has profited much longer from my brother’s devotion

(David Martin) #127

Half an hour ago I went around to drop of some chocolates at my neighbours and was greeted by this lot.

(stella wood) #128

Can you resist gaining a friend for life… :wink: aren’t they adorable…:hugs:

(David Martin) #129

They are keeping one and as their other dogs spend a lot of their time in front of my house I’m sure that I will see quite a bit of the new one too.

(Helen Wright) #130

Awwwww…:heart: x :slight_smile:

Do you know which puppy they are keeping David…??? Do they have a Border Collie as well as the labradors (?) that stretch out on your lawn…???

I would love another Border Collie one day having lost one of mine in 2016…my remaining two have been together their whole lives though so not sure if they would take to a puppy at the minute…my bossy girl is the eldest now at 9 + and rules the roost…x :slight_smile:

Is it a one off litter…???

(David Martin) #131

I do but I can’t recognise her in the photos. She is the only one with blue eyes. The mother, Lassie, spends less time laying around than the other two because she’s a working dog although since she’s been feeding she has spent more time here looking for a biscuit or two. Dad, another collie, is posh, he lives in the château on the other side of the river. It’s her second litter.

(Helen Wright) #132

I’m sure if I came to visit I would bring one home (if the owners thought I was suitable of course)…x :slight_smile:

I’m just interested because so far the plan is that if ever anything happens to my two that my son will drive over with a Border Collie puppy from uk…he knows I’ll be devastated so he has a sort of plan of action if worse ever came to worse…:heart:

(Mandy Davies) #133

Oh Helen, wouldn’t that be a lovely Christmas present for yourself? Go on, go and get one. Life’s too short to deny yourself.

(Helen Wright) #134

Lol…Mandy…it would certainly be a most lovely Christmas present to my self…I admittedly have a lifelong addiction to them…I certainly don’t mind the drive from Brittany into France to pick up a new puppy…it would have to be a boy though as my boy is still intact and I don’t want to be raising a litter myself…and maybe there are no male puppies still available…???

Lol…love ya…giving me something immediate and exciting to think about for sure when I had put off thinking about it until the worst happened…x :smiley:

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #135

Undeniably, puppie very often do look so ‘cute’…but, unfortunately, they ‘do’ what they ‘do’…& I have a complete aversion to even the smallest micro-particle of dog -poo…( I can just about deal with my cat’s…)…
I would prefer a small herd of miniature horses/deer, as I’m OK with that.

I also hate to see people allowing their dogs/animals kissing or licking their owner’s face…makes me want to heave…and run away in horror !

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #136

Needeep !

(David Martin) #137

And all I did was post a photo of my neighbours’ puppies. :frowning:

(Helen Wright) #138

But surely cats are just as capable of leaving “micro particles” of poo about the place…??? x :smile:

How do you clean a cat’s paws after they’ve been in a litter tray…???

It really doesn’t take long to train a puppy to go outside…even a few days after birth they will move to the outside of an enclosure/whelping box so as not to soil their living quarters…

Common sense handwashing and wiping down of surfaces has kept me…and mine when they were little… free from all poo particle threats…despite always having had Collies and years ago also cats…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #139

I love the photo David…made my day…their little faces and bright eyes…so full of it…x :slight_smile:

(David Martin) #140

Anyone who has strimmed both dog $hit and cat sh1t will know that the cat version is a lot, lot less pleasant.

(Helen Wright) #141

LOL…x :smile:

I’m old school David…I’ve always picked up after my Collies…from puppyhood til present day…whether in my own garden or out on a walk…just about every coat/jacket/trouser pocket I own are always full of obligatory biodegradable poo bags…I never leave the house without them…x :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #142

As long as you remember to dispose of them afterwards Helen :rofl: