Share your story and earn some extra cash!

Hello everyone!

I’m Samantha Brick. I’m a journalist and as a result, I’m constantly on the hunt for case studies. These are usually for articles for UK newspapers and magazines. Catharine and James are close friends and they very kindly suggested I post here.

I need all kinds of people so I’ll be posting here on a regular basis. There is usually a (generous) fee on offer for taking part and case studies generally need to be named and photographed. I can also sometimes pay a tip fee if you can help me find someone. And if you have a great story to tell, feel free to get in touch!

So make sure you keep an eye on this thread!

Sam x

And I'd just like to say that Sam is a really lovely and empathetic person who is amazing to chat to. So if you fit the bill, don't hesitate to get in touch.

as one of Sam's case studies can also add very professional and lovely lady to work with


I did click on the FB button.. though my FB account is not in my real name, but another from this one ;-)


First up - I'm looking to speak to grandparents who are in their 60s and over who haven't taken retirement, still work & also financially support their grandchildren.

For this one they need to be UK-based.

They will need to pictured along with one of their grandchildren too.

Can offer a generous fee to grandparent/child: £500 in total on publication.

I can offer you a "tip" (recomendation)fee too (paid on publication) if you know someone who fits the bill.


Morning! I'm looking to speak to British-based women over 35 whose mums had an affair while they were growing up. Must be happy to be identified and be photographed.

There is a £500 fee for them on publication and a £100 recommendation fee for you;


Very interesting Samantha. I have been tracing missing persons in France for 25 years and have recently moved my main business to the UK. Now a semi-retired consultant still living in France. However due to professional ethics I can never share full details of the cases I have been involved in.

Hi Julian,

Thank-you so much, I'll drop her a line now.

Best wishes,



I'm looking to speak to UK-based women over 40 who have a very successful second marriage, the first marriage having finished because her husband cheated on her. (Cheating is key and will need legally to be cited in divorce papers) plus the cheating part is also key to the research the Mail want me to hang it on.

If you can recommend someone I can pay you a tip fee.

I can pay the woman in question £350 (both fees on publication).


Hi Samantha,

I've sent you a private message about this but I think I tick all your boxes for this one! Wendy


For this Saturday's Daily Mail - apparently Marina Fogle has multiple dishwashers!!

I need to interview proud UK-based owners of multiple dishwashers in their kitchen today/this evening!

If you know someone i can pay YOU £200 tip fee

If it's YOU i can pay you £500 - all on publication

Thanks a mil! xxx


i can post an article about the Charroux litterary festival in Vienne...

Hi Samantha,

I sent you a private message about this last week but have not received a response.

Did you receive it?

Best regards,


Hi Julian,

Sory i didn't see this earlier! (I had a few pre-arranged interviews this morning too). Might Kym be free tomorrow morning at a similar itme?



Fab I'll call her at 9.30 UK time


Here's my latest request for UK-based people: I'm looking for women who's grown-up children had to move back in with them in their 30s or 40s, maybe because they lost a job or had a break-up.

hey will need to be identified.


Hello Samantha

i do not know you but i heard about you in the Connection. I have a story to tell and the end is not a happy end but it could be a good warning to would be proprietors

yes i have a story to tell and its not a happy end

please feel free to contact me

The story is about a purchase in France and i supported a couple of english neighbours but of no avail and they went back

Hey Claudia,

I don't tend to pitch speculative pieces, as they are very time-consuming to pursue (I'm freelance) and usually don't get taken up. Also, to be honest, most of the british press/publications don't much care aobut the lives or follies of us expats in France.

However you could contact the Connexion directly?

Kindest wishes,


Hello Samantha

by speculative piece you mean something which is not required by your editor?

Yes i could propose it to the Connection folks but i found that the climate is bright and rosy in newspapers. They dont want truth and facts about life in France.And if they allow it it will be so shortened that it will be barely recognizable.