Shearing sheep

Desperately need to shear my sheep.anyone know of a shearer near bussiere-galant

Sorry I can’t help Tiddy, but when we first got sheep we asked our local sheep farmer & he did them for us the 1st time & helped Oh the following year, he would have done them every year but OH learnt to do them himself. So if you have a sheep farmer near by you could try asking him.

There must be a contact list somewhere - no idea though.

I would expect local farmers to know - if not, ask the Vet for info .

Likely to find lots of information/ help here at Limoges …

You could also try asking at the place you get your animal feed from, we got ours at Cavac and the guys in there are a great source of information & may know who you can get to do them for you.


If you ring your local EDF or Department that deals with your sheep registration and cheptel number they often keep a list of shearers on their books,.