Sheep grazing on land

(Carrie Goss) #1

Just wanted to check something out with you guys . So we have now completed on our house in the 33350 area which is fairly rural in the midst of vineyards.We have land in front of our house that was overgrown and my partner has just gone back to house to start the renovations and now the field looked liked it had been cut and he was puzzled who had done it.One less job for him tho! We have since found out from a neighbour that sheep passed through and were grazing on the fields. No issue but does the local Marie arrange this or is there a law that means sheep can graze anywhere. It’s bizarre they came and went in the 2 weeks we came back to the UK. There are droppings everywhere so we knew it was animals but no one has asked us whether it was ok. Apparently there were thousands??
We only want to know as it was a good idea for keeping grass down but we want notice if this is a regular thing,

(stella wood) #2

The neighbour is surely the one to ask about this… :thinking:

… the sheep may have escaped… happens a lot round here… when the Owners switch off their electric fences and the sheep go walk-about… :roll_eyes:

but, as I say… ask the neighbour… if not, when you go into the Mairie to introduce yourselves as the new householders… you can mention/ask about it… :relaxed:

(Warren Joiner) #3

Oh dear…
Be very careful of this happening as I know of a few people who have bought houses & land but left the land un occupied & farmers have won the right to use the land as they like without paying rent & the owner has no legal right to evict them!
Hope this is not the case for you.

(Carrie Goss) #4

Ok will ask my partner to check with our neighbour. I’m in the UK still but we were puzzled as thought the seller had cut it for us whilst we were away as they are very nice and helpful.We also asked them and they said that’s the sheep. We think it’s a good way to keep the grass down but thought it was weird we hadn’t been told this warned this was going to happen.Think that someone has bought them on to feed as no sheep in the vicinity.its as if they were shipped in for 2 weeks and then shipped off somewhere rather than escaped but maybe wrong.

(Carrie Goss) #5

Will have to investigate this. Is this something that could have been hidden from the notaire and we wouldn’t have known as surely someone would have mentioned it.Not an issue at the moment as we haven’t purchased a mower.

(stella wood) #6

It could well be that the Seller simply allows (verbally) a farmer to graze the sheep occasionally, rather than cut it… or this may have been a one-off tidy-up.

That is also something that happens around here and it does not cause any difficulties or “leans” on the land…

But, if you do have any problems/qualms … speak with the Notaire…sooner rather than later.

(Jane Jones) #7

Sheep are often moved from patch to patch, and unofficial agreements exist to graze temporarily. With the dryness this year there has also been a real problem with not enough feed (grass) for animals. So farmers are looking for all possibilities. For example our local mayor gave permission for a local farmer to put his sheep on our village football pitch for 2 weeks as they were so desperate.

However if there were thousands of them (!) then it could have been a transhumance - ie moving large flocks of sheep from summer to winter quarters.

(Carrie Goss) #8

Thanks for replies We were bemused rather than too worried and I love the sight of sheep and great for keeping grass down but it was a mystery when Andrew arrived back and the field looked cut but with all the droppings everywhere! Must be fertile now ! We were laughing about it as our french is a work in process and so we just wonder if anyone tells you that they are arriving. I have 2 dogs yet to travel over and don’t want them to bother the sheep.

(David Martin) #9

I don’t think it anything to worry about. In a village local to me there was a lady who moved her goats around from place to place, the village always looked neat and tidy and the goats well fed. Across the lane in front of my house is a triangle of land that belongs to the house next door, a holiday home belonging to the granddaughter of the previous owner. She lives near Lille hundreds of km away. It’s not unusual for the owners of the stables in out hamlet to graze a couple of horses on it to keep the grass down. The same people use their horses to keep the banks next to a trotting track they own neat and tidy. The joys of rural life.

(Jane Williamson) #10

As long as they have moved on I don’t think you have a problem, unless you wanted a ride on mower!

(Carrie Goss) #11

:rofl::rofl: that was on our list of things to buy! Always wanted one as I have a postage stamp in Essex !

(Haydn E Ebbs) #12

Totally agree…I also have know this happen…

(Mat Davies) #13


There is a very good lawnmower place near the roundabout near Leclerc called Gauthier - they sell all types of ride on mowers and smaller, prices are quite negotiable.

(Carrie Goss) #14

Before I completed you gave me some recommendation for a local sawmill to 33350. I think it was you​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: can’t find the original post! We are going to look at tractors today. Yesterday I discovered the supermarket and spent 3 hrs wandering and perusing as was empty on a Friday . We are re guttering at the moment :tired_face:

(Carrie Goss) #15

Sorry meant Thursday

(Jane Williamson) #16

Do you know that now you have to separately insure them, even if you only use them on your land?

(Mat Davies) #17

I haven’t been to sawmill yet, but I intend to as I need floor joists. I was going to try here:

Merrain 24

(Carrie Goss) #18

That’s great we’re going to take a look today. Thanks

(Mat Davies) #19

It is likely they will be closed on a Saturday.