Shellshock! Cadbury comes clean on Creme Egg

(Emily Johnson) #1

According to the Telegraph, the clucky little egg will no longer be made from, wait for 'Dairy Milk. It's a national travesty.... #CreamEggGate is trending on Twitter lol

(David GAY) #2

Yes Brian good old Nestlé the water thieves.

(Brian Milne) #3

Who are part of Philip Morris's General Foods group. So, world domination kills little egg, buy good clean Swiss Nestlé chocolate, oops, made in France.

(David GAY) #4

I shouldn't worry Emily. Cadbury's chocolate, so-called, has been rubbish for years. It's even worse since cheese slice Kraft took over.

(Emily Johnson) #5

Apologies I meant to type Guardian, oops!