Shield Bugs and Other Monsters

Not you… you wot-not… it’s me… Easter Celebrations with neighbours… I’m quite squiffy… and OH is dozing it off …

No, I could smell your winey breath, and I was just being puritanical! :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::rofl:

Mix your seeds with a few spoonfuls of fine sand. Makes sowing much easier, especially after small beer.


Thanks for that great tip! Or trickle.:hugs::seedling:

Stella is that what these ? The red and black beetles you mention only saw these on our nut tree, when we were buying the house

at least I think it’s a nut tree and couldn’t tell what they are?

That’s an Hibiscus plant… and yes, they are the Gendarmes…

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Thanks Stella

A propos The Bold Gendarmes, I thought some SNF nostalgia buffs might like this scrumptious but scratchy rendition of Offenbach’s Ditty (“We’ll run them in, we’ll run them in”) as a night-cap…Offenbach’s Ditty

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