"Shipping" our Louts Overseas

Does anyone else feel that, just like container loads of rubbish being shipped to the Far East, we have been “shipping” our louts overseas to pollute, contaminate and overwhelm other countries’ beaches and city centres.
Only through staycations have we been learning what we have been only too happy to turn a blind eye to.

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I recall our first family holiday abroad. 1970 Majorca… Magaluf… before it had pavements and street lights… magical…
it had one hotel… just about… :thinking: don’t think I’d recognize it these days… :roll_eyes:

We stayed in Palma Nova in 1973 and could see them just starting to build loads of hotels down the coast at Magaluf.

Yep… such a shame.

I first went abroad to Spain in 1972 when I was 6 and we went abroad every year after that. They were lovely hotels then, hardly any Brits and very good quality. I remember my Mum and Dad dressing very formally for dinner with a suit and my Mum in a full length dress, hair up and best jewellery…makes me smile now. They were good times!

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“French “yobs” who make the average English lager lout seem almost innocuous”.

My goodness how the Times has turned into a rag. I see they’re now using the BBC ploy, we may be shit, but others are shittier.