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Does anyone have suggestions for freight shipping to France from the US or vice versa? I see plenty of outfits that do it, but does anyone have suggestions or first-hand experience with a carrier that they would recommend?


Yes I understand that the custom part can be difficult . The shipping company told us to fill out papers for the French customs in triplicate, and also to contact them while we were in the US I did via Internet, they needed to have each box numbered and the content list translated listed on the outside of the box and also listed on the shipping list , so if you had ten boxes you would have boxes 1 to 10 and the content on each box with the number and that again on the shipping manifest and you mail one to French Custom after the packages have left your home, the shipping company gets one also and you keep one. I think it is possible that if you do not have too much to ship when it is with other people stuff it may come in without customs charges especially if it isn't new stuff .

Thank you for this info.

I still have not shipped. I ended up having my daughter store some boxes and get rid of many things. Now I only have a few boxes and it's too little for relocation cargo (too expensive) and too much for the standard, such as UPS, DHL, etc.

I'll look into this enterprise. Also, I've passed the one year of arrival and never had that customs paper that is required (because I didn't know about it until after I arrived. And the consulate said I should have asked for it with my visa and now they won't give me one!!!) So, this begs the question of taxes on my personal items entering France?

Thanks. This is useful information

If you still need a recommendation, we used a carrier called UPackWeShip, they moved our household furnitures but they also do partial containers and boxes.

We have been very happy with their service, we had one point of contact, they were very reasonable and they even gave us the name of the cargo who had our container so we could follow its journey across the ocean.

They have a good internet site.

I know this is an old post, I am new in the group, I am French but lived in the US, in the Great State of Illinois 43 years!!!

Thanks, Toni!

Looks like they mostly do relocation -- hopefully we'll only be sending a few heavy boxes. The "standard" carriers like UPS, DHL, etc. charge too much for "3 day service" and that kind of thing. We'd actually prefer the items take a few weeks to get where they are going to give us a chance to catch up.


I've been working with this company. I haven't actually shipped yet, but the girl I've been working with is very nice and stays in touch with me. Price quote was also reasonable compared to others I saw. Here's her info:

Kate DeLuca

Regional Sales Manager/Senior Moving Specialist


113 Barksdale Professional Center

Newark, DE 19711

866-801-0692 Ext. 259

Direct Line: 302-725-4012

Fax: 877-757-2561

Email: /

Good question Andrew, I'd like to know too!...Mei Lai.