Shocking cost of fish/meat

I’ve been watching a bit more French TV recently. On France 3 at lunchtime there is a program called Météo à la Carte. A mixture of weather, interesting products and food/cooking which is unusual but lovely to watch.

Today the guest Chef cooked salmon. He paid 45€ a kilo for salmon filets. The poissonnier said it’s from Scotland and it’s Bio and “sans OGM”. Even so, 45€ a kilo is pretty steep. The Chef then cooked the filets with the scales still attached! :open_mouth:

The other day, boned and rolled leg of lamb for 40€ a kilo.

Anyone else paying this sort of price for protein?

Also the other day they had a recipe “pas cher” that involved truffles and Champagne. Only in France eh??!! :smiley:

Some things are pretty steep in France nowadays Mandy but you need to shop around (as always) to get better deals.
I bought a couple of souris d’agneau from the local butcher on tuesday, cooked them both off and have just had one of the souris, which was enough for both of us with a tin of Daucy mixed Mediterranean veg and some left over pasta. It was scrumptious and probably came to about 3.50€ per head.

Come on you Spurs !!!

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Mandy… it is possible to spend a fortune… but, as I do not have one… I checkout the special offers and local products.

I treated us to some smoked salmon yesterday… Scottish… never frozen (guaranteed)… 600g for 15.50€ with 4.65€ on the card to spend on something else… so real/true price is 600g for 10.86 €

That block (16 lovely slices) will do us for several meals, starting with breakfast on Christmas Day…

I have divided the packet up… and frozen what I’m not needing, in useful-sized portions… for another 4 meals x 2 people… it works out very good value… yummy.

I do similar things with whatever I find…qood quality at the right price… be it fish or meat… BUT I have to ensure it has never been previously frozen…


Oh lovely Peter. I love lamb. I’m happy to buy frozen gigot from New Zealand, especially when on special offer at Leclerc.

Great result last night. Hoping for silverware this season.

LeClerc is one of my favourites

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It’s rare I buy meat unless it’s on special offer, especially now. Eating more eggs and frozen fish at the moment with the odd Label Rouge chicken or ham.

I love a bit of smoked salmon. Used to be our Christmas Day breakfast when Dad was alive, smoked salmon & scrambled eggs. The Delia Smith recipe of course :yum:


We visited Neuvic on a Club Outing…when this establishment had first opened. Fascinating guided tour… and then delicious degustation…

We even bought a tiny tin to take home…

Out of our league nowadays… but still great stuff… (not everyone’s taste though)…


Ha ha… the best thing is to find folk before they (and their product) become famous… :relaxed::hugs:

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I buy label rouge chicken on offer and pintades as well.
Into the freezer they go.
NZ legs of lamb as well, already frozen.

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That was no chef!
Did he pin bone them or not?

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I thought you would be horrified, Jane… he obviously didn’t really know his stuff :thinking:

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On offer in SuperU yesterday were Scottish salmon fillets €14+ per kilo. I thought it expensive but looking at Sainsburys prices perhaps not.

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He did nothing with them. Just cut through the skin, which is when I noticed the scales, and then fried them. You can watch it here if you want.

Going slightly off subject but it’s been on French tv that Norwegian salmon, is routinely sprayed with chemicles to kill parasites, this in turn is killing all life in the fiords and has residues that rest in the salmon . When you buy your Scottish salmon dread where it’s from as some states reared/grown in Norwegian fiords also.

Rather original and jolly with Belgian ‘biscuit’ dressing, and a very artful ‘chinking’ of the glasses to launch the simple dish, scales and all :grinning:

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Glad you enjoyed it Pete.

I know you like recipes. Have a look at this channel on Youtube. Authentic French recipes, really well explained and described. I’m a bit hooked.

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Here in Brittany we are favoured with regular promotions on Pork. A few weeks ago I bought a 10.2 kilo barquette of various cuts (approx 60% chops, 20% roti and 20% unidentifiable but largely usable ) for euros 23. This was slightly exceptional and is not available every week but if you like Pork then here is the place to be.

Careful scrutiny has become a way of life (almost) with me… All the Norwegian Smoked Salmon was clearly previously frozen… which is why I discarded it and several other Labels… and from what you say, just as well.

My “never previously frozen” purchase clearly states “Salmon raised in the cool waters of the Scottish Lochs” …works for me… I can almost hear the bagpipes…

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I’d start sticking salmon in my ears if I started hearing the bagpipes :wink:

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