Shooting and editing video

I'm immensely enjoying editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro tonight, I haven't used it since I made a showreel for an actor on The Bill or Casualty or something about 12 years ago. The near real time rendering of effects is so nice to work with.

Who else does video editing, any tips to share?


sorry I do not have permission to show it, I only edited the video and sound and did titles. Its 15min long on DVD. but here is a link to her website.

Can we see it Carol?

I have just edited a video for a singer using the clips she had bought with her, after not doing any for some time, it was a bit of omg where is everything but that only lasted a short time as the singer was at my side and I only had a few hours before she was due to leave for Madrid. did I do it yes , but I did work or the sound levels after she had gone, the clips she had were from shows she had done.

It's Showtime! Simple & Powerful.

OpenShot is also a Video Editor. Its a free program which lets takes your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always wanted to do. You easily can add sub-titles, transitions, and effects, and then export your film to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and many other common formats.

Hi James. take a look at triplescoopmusic-

Thanks, I'm pleased with progress. Found some great tutorial too.

Hi, the clip popped up earlier, but then went away.

Great sequence.

I do like a render myself, more of a troweller than a flicker.

Here it is, what do you think?


Grabbed a track from Audiojungle.

Need a soundtrack to go with it and it will be ready to go, where can I find a good selection of audio tracks to choose from? I am happy to pay a few shekels

I spent 5 years video editing in Police Training but that was over 30 years. A "huge machine with twin tapes, gadgets all over the place and a "line time base corrector" ; My cameras were not to bad for size but you needed suitcases for the batteries. I would not mind getting into it again using the modern techniques.

I used to teach the techniques of Final Cut Pro some ten to the dozen years ago but most of those brain cells have expired by now, however; one thing I used to tell the students that seemed to help was to import the clips and do the basic editing in iMovie first, then shift it to FCP if needed later, saves a lot of time and work 'cos it's so intuitive - if you work on a Mac, of course...

If not, well, that's a debate I don't want to stray into: 'orses fer courses, eh?

Still working on my current video, I will post it asap though.

got any links?