Shooting Stars are the Flying Fish of the Night

I received the invitation below for a book launch. It is open to anyone who like to go. I realise we are in France, and this is in London, but readers here may be fanatical about sailing and/or in London at this time.

May 29th 2013 at 6.30 p.m.

You are warmly welcome to the launch of a book about a

family who cross the Atlantic in a blue boat called Scarlet.

Ranelagh Sailing Club

The Embankment Putney, SW15 1LB

Welcome refreshments

'Shooting Stars are the

Flying Fish of the Night'



this is a book of many voyages.

'There is the meandering trail that leads to the

right boat for crossing an ocean. There is the

preparation – stalled in a sweltering American

boatyard while arguments about equipment

and finance combine with the narrowing of the

hurricane window. There is the crossing itself

which starts with the wrong weather, broken

boat parts, torn sails, serious leaks and a very

sea sick crew as Scarlet gets blown off course in

unkind seas.'

‘A great read for those who are going or want

to go over the horizon!’

Sir Chay Blyth

‘An endearing human story of a family battling

to survive both physically and emotionally.’

Chris Hawes

Director of Yacht Fractions