Shooting (Tir) in France

I have been a member of a Tir for three years now. I wondered if anyone else here is interested in shooting.

This is NOT Chasse, just target shooting and Tir Sportif Vitesse etc.

I currentl have only two Armes, my Colt Diamondback 38 Special and a Remington 36.

I did have a S&W MP9mm, Browning Buckmark and a CZ 452 22lr. I am about to purchase a Glock 17>

Anyone care to discuss? If there are people interested I might start a ‘Group’.

We’re near Sainte Menehould, 40 mins from Reims in Champagne Ardenne.

Love the idea, used to be quite good but that was 303’s & 762’s at Bisley and at school! Probably very rusty now but enjoyed 6/8 hours a week back then.