Shopping rights in France NJ

(Mandy Davies) #21

My step-son, only 17, went to Leclerc alone to buy a new mobile phone. They had the one he wanted so he was happy. Then, he discovered that if he had waited until the next day the phone was on offer at 20€ less. Well, he’s a poor student and 20€ is a fair amount and it was a bit low of the salesman not to tell him about the offer starting the next day.

His Maman was absolutely furious, as you can imagine. There was no way she was going allow them to take advantage of her little boy, all 6ft 3 inches of him! So she has been fighting Leclerc since the beginning of September to get his 20€ back and they finally agreed last week. He went to the shop to get his money and was given a voucher instead that was only valid for the following 2 days.

(Paul Flinders) #22

That’s low :frowning_face:

(David Martin) #23

That is very common in France.

(Mandy Davies) #24

Yes it is. It was a round trip of 1 hour by foot. He couldn’t even spend the voucher the same day so would have had to do the same 1 hour round trip to spend it. Of course, he’s too shy/timid to kick up a fuss. Makes me angry.