Short/long term homes for cat and two dogs

It is with a very heavy heart indeed that I am posting this. Due to some very difficult circumstances indeed, I am having to look at either permanantly rehoming or fostering (long or short term) my very, very special animals, who deserve a lot better than I can offer right now.

Raspberry is quite simply the best boy in the world. He is a 4.5 year old medium sized cross breed, exceptionally handsome, white with black markings. He is good & patient with cats, kids,other dogs and is great fun, friendly and very, very intelligent.He came to me from the SPA 3 years go and had been on 'death row' due to being passed by as result of a very minor disability - He had been found with a broken hind leg that had never been treated or set, so consequently the leg will not bend properly when he sits and he has a very slight limp behind. This does not affect him in any way at whatsoever and the vet confirmed that although he may develop a touch of arthritis as he gets older ( don't we all.....!) it doesn't limit him in anyway at all and he is extremely fit & active. I have no words for how special this chap is.

Fan is a 4 year old miniature poodle who has been blind from birth and is utterly delightful. She is a very brave and cheerful little soul who likes nothing better than to entertain and will attract your attention by dancing on her hind legs. She is quite remarkable in the way in which she copes with her disability, has no problems navigating her way around the house & garden ( providing you don't 'move the goalposts' by rearranging the furniture too often) and is very, very loving, wanting nothing more than to be close to you and cuddled. Again, she is very happy to be around other dogs & cats. She needs frequent grooming due to the thickness of her coat, but does not shed hair at all.

Widdle is quite delicious and probably only between 10 & 12 weeks old and was found a fortnight ago found crawling with fleas and wandering in the middle of the road. I've had no luck tracing his owners ( surprise surprise) local rescue unable to help as completely full. They advised me that he probably came from the local travellers camp and that it would not be in his best interests to try & return him. He bears a remarkable resemblance to Raspberry (Hmmm.....!!) and is now de flead, wormed and proving to be a really super little chap, very quick to learn and very playful! (He loves wrestling with Spike and all shoes, undies etc must be hidden if you don't wish to go public with your greying smalls!!) I have had an offer of a very good home for Widdle with an old friend of mine, unfortunately he lives in Lisbon, Portugal and Widdle is just too little at the moment to have the rabies vaccine.

Raspberry, Fan & Spike

And this is Widdle

Finally Spike is a 2 year old white & ginger male cat who is as cool as a cucumber ând will happily take on all three dogs at once! Nothing fazes him, he’s as happy to be outside as in and is a very laid back character indeed.

They’ve all co-existed happily together and could be placed individually or in pairs,with gentle, kind & committed people who wouldn’t mind being kind enough to keep me posted from time to time as to how they are getting on.They are all very much loved, this is definately not a decision that has been taken lightly and I will of course be happy to provide further information if anyone can help.

A big ‘thank you’ to Catherine, for her kindness and understanding.

Thank you all so much for your replies & understanding - Lynn will PM you shortly,I’ve seen the work you do & it’s fantastic,thanks again. Amy have contacted you too,thanks & look forward to hearing from you again. Celia, can’t seem to e mail you, if you are still interested, could you use my hh mail or send friend request? Alternatively & if anyone needs a little more background or information,I can be contacted on 0616 13 66 97 and will call you straight back if necessary. Sandy,wonderful response that has given me a bit more courage & confidence, I hope you have received my mails ok and hopefully chat soon.

I know someone who would like some more info about your animals but she isn't a Survive France Network. Could you give me an email address that I can pass on to her? Thanks!

Hi Vicky,
Please contact us at, we have lists of people who keep cats and dogs etc, and may be able to offer help
best wishes

Celia, good to hear from you - will Pm you - Widdle's a good boy, learning fast and goes out for the essentials, but he is still very tiny and a typical excitable pup, so just small, excited widdles!! xx

Having read about your past troubles, I'm so sorry that you clearly have not achieved a result. I'd take all your animals in a heartbeat, if only I didn't already have too many for us to manage.

I'll look into Widdle, he looks great fun and I know someone who might be interested. Has he received his vaccinations, and is he micro-chipped or tatooed?

Only one Q, does his name suit his character - spraying cats have quite put me off a dog that pees everywhere!

I wish you all the best Vicky.