Short-term rental or roommate in Paris for 1 month?

Hi, I’m going to be doing a training class in Paris next April 2012.

I need to find somewhere to live for that time; either a shared flat or a small, short-term rental, or a sublet.

Does anyone know anyone who’s got an extra room or who was to sublet?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Yes, that’s what I do next.
Thanks anyway!

Shame, You could try searching for accommodation on or put a wanted ad on there it’s free

I just received a reply from one of the contacts. The group only allows under 30 yos. to stay with the old folks.
Boo Hoo!
It should work for your son, though.

Isn’t it a great thing. I read about it in a magazine,it’s a shame it’s Paris & Northern based , however I have found something similar for Bordeaux
and I am hoping to find someone for my son when he returns to Uni in Jan after his Stage.

Claire, thanks so much!
I never would have thought of this but it would be perfect. I sent the contacts an email, so I’m crossing my fingers.

I don’t know if this would apply. It’s a scheme based towards students who are looking for cheap accommodation sharing with senior citizens.