Short Term Visit Quarantine

It is time for my mother to return to the UK having spent the last 6 months with us, She is missing her friends and I suspect she thinks the committee at her retirement flats will have run amok without her influence!

My question is this. She will travel home via the Eurotunnel Shuttle. The choice is either we drive through and then return to France on a train a couple of hours later, or my brother enters France to get her and returns to the UK with her within a couple of hours. Does anyone know whether A) if we go over and back without leaving the car, we are forced to quarantine in the UK before we can come back making that option null and void. And B) if my brother comes into France for two hours, will he then have to quarantine for 14 days back in the UK? I know the entry into France is not a problem as there is no restriction on entering France from the UK, it is the problem of how the UK deals with it.

Has anyone tried this yet?

You can leave UK within the quarantine time. I recently had a 5 day visit to UK.

Yes I think he would require 14 days quarantine.

I assume that one has to quarantine during the five days Mat or is that just theory?

Yes you should

I did have a covid test 8n France before heading to UK.

Did you fully self-isolate, ie didn’t go out at all?

I didn’t go out whilst in UK.

I would drop your mum in the UK and head back personally as there’s currently no requirement to self isolate here but there will be for your brother in the UK.

I also recently did six days in the UK and despite having dutifully completed my ‘attestation’ when returning to France, no one asked to see it.

My vehicle is in England. I badly need it this side of the Channel. I don’t have anywhere to do time except as a guest at Hotel Bojo - and I need those 14 days myself.

Does anyone have experience of a vehicle being delivered to a port, loaded by the ferry co and collected at the destination?

Unless anyone knows elsehow, I have answered my own question. The result may be of interest.

It can be done by engaging a recovery company to load the vehicle onto a truck at the port, which then makes the trip and unloads at the other side. This sounds pricey.

It can’t be done by someone driving onto the ferry and returning as a foot passenger. Brittany Ferries are not taking any foot passengers This also means that going as a foot passenger to collect it at Portsmouth is out.

I guess it could be done by one of a party already booked to cross, who would take over the vehicle at a convenient point in Portsmouth, drive onto and off the ship and rejoin their party, having passed out of the port at Caen.

It’s a LWB ‘Renault Master’ [badged Vauxhall Movano] so could take a load of stuff to somewhere in FR as quid pro quo.

You can just go over and collect it, you don’t need to wait 14 days in UK - for the duration of your stay you should quarantine but you are free to leave the UK within the 14 days.


Not if they aren’t taking foot passengers. Unless he has someone who could go with him, both cross in a car then pick up the van and both drive back.

I’d put an ad on all the expat forums, I’m sure you’d find someone who would do it for you!

Fly and drive back?

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Fly in, drive out. Yep. That’s what I thought.

“I’d put an ad on all the expat forums, I’m sure you’d find someone who would do it for you!” Good call.

What is the procedure for ‘leaving early’?

Get in your car(on your own) and go… flat out :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no procedure, you just leave.

The purpose of the quarantine is to restrict your exposure when in UK - you are no longer a potential covid threat if you leave UK.

On the current form you complete to arrive in UK I think you can indicate a leaving date.

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None. You just go!

And Eurostar is a far less painless way to travel - probably safer too in terms of catching any lurgi!

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…less painful…?

…more painless…?

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