Shotgun licence

(Ralph Coney) #1

Does anyone have experience of getting a licence for a shotgun in France?

(stella wood) #2

Perhaps some have experience…meanwhile, have you spoken about this at your Mairie?

I’ve heard of training sessions (theory & practical) followed by an examination, but do not know if this applies to shotguns.

(Jane Jones) #3

The theory and practical exams are to do with getting a permis de chasse.

Here’s the stuff about shotgun licences

(stella wood) #4

Hi Ralph…

What are you thinking of shooting at… ??? clay-pigeons or flesh and blood??

I ask the question… since a friend wanted to shoot rabbits on his land… and he had to go down the full “exam” route…

(Ralph Coney) #5

Hi Jane
Thanks that is exactly what I required. I knew there would be someone here who knew.

(Ralph Coney) #6

Hi Stella
No real aim, I do use it for Rabbits in the UK and when I move out I thought I should plan either to sell it or well in advance get a licence.

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(Geoff Kowalczyk) #7

Unfortunately my info is possibly 14 years out of date. I called in on the Gendarmes to enquire about a licence and was told one was not required. I did receive a home visit from the Gendarmerie to check the safety of the shotguns and was subsequently given the all clear. I have since purchased another two guns and bought ammo countless times without paperwork. I do however have both a Permis de Chasse & a Permis de Tir neither of which has been required to be shown when buying shotguns or requisites.

(stella wood) #8

@Biotechboy Ralph…

Is the shotgun one or two barrels?
If two… are they side by side?
If two… are they one under the other?

Apparently, it all depends on such details … :thinking:

(any chance of a photo?? )