Should I composte my Carte Vitale?

A French friend has just told me that I should have 'composted' my carte vitale in December. Don't mean throw it on a heap in the garden, but apparently I should have pushed it into a box in a pharmacy to bring it 'up to date.' Has anyone else done this? Have I been mssing something?

if you are using it regularly it happens without you noticing it, which with both daughters on mine with me really is the case and for my OH she takes hers along whilst getting stuff at the pharmacy for the rest of us and it is done in a couple of minutes.

Just noticed the question had already been answered


*Goes to drink more coffee and attempts to wake up*

Yes you are meant to stick it in the machine periodically - normally only if there has been a change in your situation and again, normally the CPAM / RSI etc send you a letter telling you to do it.

It's called "mise a jour"

Happy 'composting'!!

yes, I do it from time to time, especially after any changes, address, kids etc. local pharmacy or cpam, takes 5 minutes ;-)