Should the past be allowed to come back and bite you?

Is it better to have erred and reformed, than not to have erred in the first place :thinking:

He is ghastly and so is his wife, actually all the would-be-PMs are appalling. Simply loathsome.
I couldn’t care less about drug-taking, I’d say that’s probably the least we can reproach him for.


It certainly shows a lack of judgement. There are plenty of young people who manage perfectly well to enjoy life without taking drugs.
What I want to know is , are these politicians sorry they took drugs or sorry they’ve finally been found out. I suspect the latter and like Vero can’t stand Gove or his wife and would be more worried about them leaving their 11 year old on his own in a b&b whilst they went partying.

Can’t stand the man but I doubt it will make any difference to his bid to become PM. Seems like a few of them have used drugs recreationally but then it was commonplace, and is now of course.

I know nothing at all about this fellow, however, any public announcement of regret, apology, confession of this or that elderly sin, dating from who knows where or who knows when, will always appear to me to be an exceptionally weedy attempt to get a job, that might otherwise be out of bounds.
Yes, of course the past can, will, should, inevitably, come up and bite.
Having the courage to deal with it, honestly, and without unseemly grovelling, would be the way to gain my confidence.
I guess, probably the way to gain the confidence of millions of others.

Boris too has admitted to taking cocaine when at Oxford.
Probable a prerequisite for membership of the Bullingdon Club.

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The only reason they admit it is so that their campaign can’t be sunk by a news item during the campaign.


Who remembers Olivia Channon? Sad but representative of a particular bunch of people.

It’s not exactly uncommon and doesn’t change my view of him for the better or worse.

What does stick in my craw a bit is the claim to regret it - because I’ll bet he doesn’t.

Like a lot of people at Uni I’ll admit to smoking a few joints - do I “regret” it? Heck no I enjoyed it at the time - I just grew up and stopped (mostly because joints were always tobacco+resin and, given that I didn’t smoke, I didn’t like the effects that the tobacco brought).


I was an obnoxious teenager and yes, I experimented with drugs. Teenagers did in the 60s and 70s. I’m not proud of it and I’m not ashamed of it. I wouldn’t say I regret it, why should I, it didn’t hurt anyone and I don’t think it hurt me, in fact I suppose that along with all my other life experiences it helped me to become the person I am today. The only things I regret doing are things that hurt other people, or disappointed them or let them down, or didn’t help them as much as I could have. If I’d turned into a junkie and wasted my life and made my parents sad it would be different, but I didn’t and I don’t think they ever knew.


Well if a 5th cousin to Her Maj can stick his todger in a pig’s head, & later become PM & unleash the Brexit fuckfest on an unsuspecting nation, then a coked up glove puppet like Pob Gove is potentially very little to worry about, in comparison…


It just goes to prove what my sister always said about private education being for people with average intelligence. . If you’re clever you don’t need it and if you’re thick it won’t do any good. Cameron, unfortunately, is thick.


Yes, it’s definitely time “Spitting Image” returned.


Amazing, inspiring, historic, iconic and charismatic!

It’s such a pity that embroidery is not as widely taught and practised these days, as I think your short epistle would look beautiful on an embroidered sampler to hang in everyone’s parlour.
Suitably illustrated with beasts rampant/couchant etc etc

A richly evocative Chaucerian testament to the fine English pure-breed blue-bloods ordained to rule over us. :uk:


Cameron is also related to Boris Johnson.

all this inter-breeding going on in the ranks of the cream of everything Anglo-saxon :roll_eyes:

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I’m a little rusty on embroidery…but I’m sure I’d pick it up soon enough.


It is the sort of scene you would expect to see on a historic record such as the Bayeux Tapestry recording the monumental event of David Cameron finally popping his swine cherry after many attempts!


I see that the rukus over Gove’s cocaine use is due to an article he wrote at the time condemning middle class use of the drug.

Which, let’s face it, is pretty hypocritical if, having written the article he then winds up at a party where rolled fivers are in evidence.


Must have been speed if they were only using rolled fivers :thinking:

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