Should we bring them back to UK or let Syria judge them

Personally i think lt is for Syria do what they want with the pair, it is there they committed their crimes so there that they should be punished.

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Let the Syrians (or whoever has them) give them a nice , quick, (un)fair trial and then slowly chop their heads off in public.

What’s the point bringing them back to Europe to a trial costing millions, with further millions being spent looking after them in prison, with the danger of their release being demanded if ever a hostage situation arose.


Trial for what, they’ve already admitted murdering hostages?


I hope they rot where they are!

As they chose to go there… and fight for the terrorists… I feel it reasonable that they should be put on Trial there too.


They should get the same justice as they afforded their victims , Summary and slow execution. And I am heartily sick of these people being referred to as “Britons” in the media . They are aliens , who have managed to get british passports; OK, some of them are born in the UK , but they alienate themselves when they swear allegiance to a murderous so-called “calphate”.