Should you be allowed to stay on the dole forever?

Interesting development here. If you have IT experience but are claiming the dole, you are given 3 months to find a job. Others are given six months, and those who are still claiming after six months will be given a "pep-talk".

Having lived and worked in Ireland for most of my life, I find it offensive that my taxes went towards keeping people on the dole, with no pressure to find work. Of course there are exceptions, and no doubt we have all come across people who are just unemployable, but....


People should have to "work for the dole", community service, whatever. People turned their noses up at having to work on internship like programmes in places like Tesco a few months back, and there was uproar when a teacher was made to work in Tesco, but, seriously, do they expect to sit home all day, and let someone else sweat and stress to pay their bills??

as for the "unemployable".... there's something out there for everyone, it's just a case of self motivation, and finding the niche, but, when someone drops out of school early, and decides at 25 that labouring on buildings, or stacking shelves is below them... they should have thought of that before hand.. they're never going to be an executive. Whether someone is physically disabled, mentally ill, or does not have h cartain skill set for certain tasks is not the be-all, and end-all of it.

People who gloat about being lifetime dole spongers along with their whole entire extended families, I have absolutely no time for, and I am disgusted that these people call themselves human,and walk alongside those of us who HAVe a little self respect and dignity.

Screw the pep talk, give them a date, cut them off, and make them come back, and re-register as jobseekers again, having to go through the whole deal of why they are unemployed.