ShudBe Band

Shudbe Band

Dear SFN,

I have played in this Oxon Based line up for at least a Google years ( or thereabouts )…. The gig list has been added to over the years… I mean, I never expected to be shouting "Your sex is on fire" not unless it was at a Thrush Medication Seminar, or Firefighting Demonstration. Hadn't really played with the band for some years, although I had been in bands here in France.. The Pots ( geddit ) and a 3 piece called the Crackheads… where after the 3rd gig drummer Michel asked " Wonnie? what is Qwack'ead?" I said it was the result of a motorbike accident, and he seemed happy with that.

I have always said that your band name should reflect the sign of the times.. Ronnie and the Rent boys seemed memorable back in the 90s. When we chose the name the drummer Salim ( half Siamese half Welsh Roofer ) said " I don wannabe no bloody rent boy."… I was Ronnie BTW.

So, Shudbe Band we feel is an apt description.. we are very,very LOUD, but do you know, as we played thru to the early hours, at Neil the drummer's birthday bash, the PO-lice did NOT come a-knocking, and the neighbours were most complimentary in the morning. Gigging in the UK… nowt better.

The party was brilliant, everyone dancing..and not one song about a Little mouse that plays an accordion.
Any Gigsters, Partymakers out there who think that neighbours in the UK are largely more tolerant?

Look forward to hearing from you

Feck moi, I thought I'd had a reply from 4 different people and it was you!

Yes Ereeech and Princess Yvonne came by car-train, I used it when I went to Germany in April... great stuff, great camaraderie. Yo, thanks may well some up to Swedenland.

I have a rake of pics from my trip I've yet to process.... but you know how it is. Yes the Quack'eads would be good. We shuda been called Eugenski, reminds me of a band I was in called youmeanimmsie ( included Dave Imms ) simialr to the great Russian Opera singer Ripsercorsetsov.

HTG we're gwan down the poob... must be mental.


I will of course return. I have decided on the autumn of next year, Sept. Perhaps in between I could go for a week or so but that would mean you would have to put me up. I am back in thre mood for playing again and doing quite a lot on my own. Since I play airs and some classical guitar it's sort of meditative and demands almost total concentration; once the mind wanders I lose the tune; I suppose that is also the aspect of the discipline, not like playing a few three chord Irish ballads after a rake of Guinness. But I love the folk as much as I love the classical, they belong in different environments, different musical settings. I am glad I learned to read music in Sweden; there was not so much to do if you wanted to go out on the town, so I went on a guitar course instead.

Raining here! I've just returned from a walk in the boring wood nearby. It'a boring wood as it's a commercial project and doesn't have the variation and wildness of the one up the hill in Råda. I have been invited to go sailing tomorrow and spend a night on an island drinking whatever, jumping in the lake and quickly back into the sauna. Krister,my friend, also plays; he is a sweet character. I hope you will come and visit me in the summer of next year. You can bring the family, there is room enough for you all here.Eric and yvonne got the train which allowed them to bring the car somewhere not far from Hamburg; there is a ferry from Hamburg to Sweden - cuts out a lot of driving.

I would like to have a band called the Quack'eds, but can you imagine me trying to play slow Irish airs and classical music to that name; I have a feeling that nobody would get the humour. Trying to stay away from thr wine today, Had two or three glasses earlier with dinner, they knocked me out.


Praps I should expand out the key words intro to fill out a little more... Ha Ha

OMG No TWO in the SFN Charts! I have taken a screen grab to send to the dudes...

I really can't believe it...I would like to say a big thank you to our label ( the one on the PA ...which reads Shudbe Band's PA keep off ) the road Crew ( Oxford City Buses ) Our Manager ( Sheila ) all the people on SFN, Me Ma..Me Da..I'm fillin' up.... Simon Cowell, Tom and all the other Cobleys, the baby Jesus... that weird guy who's at all the gigs "Hi weird guy" Weird guy's ma'........

hhhm closest we'll ever get to topping the charts!

Thx all


At last ,the main man! Yes had a pitch in with all the names...and more, 'twas I in fact I who named my first Company..( the memorable ) Titanic Design Company. To be truthful, it did us a lot of good, eventually having sales of over £3000000 pa. Hey ho.

I still have to edit the video of us doing Pezènas... all in good time. What a laugh that was!!!!

Hang-on..I might have some pics.

Come backdown here!!!!!!!

I loved the humour and the creativity in the previous names, you all(I hope?), chose for the bands you played in. It would be nice, if it is possible, to listen to the style of music the different bands played. I love shudbeband as it is easy to pronounce and retains the strong essence of a giggle; for me it brings to mind the wonderful film, " O Brother Where Art thou", and the name of the group of, was it three or four members? "the sogybottom....


I'm in the chatroom.

Pop in

Eugene, Francis, Patrick. Murray

are you in there???? Take off that silly black bag and say hello.....

Haha Eugene!

Did we have a name for our duo we formed, early this year?

Was it the Tree Fellas?

@ eugene

Go raibh maith agat

Hi Carol Ann....quite right. That's what I keep telling myself ( only a little louder each time ) U OK?

go for it.... you only get old, if you stop being young.

UM.. I think it's the Zingapub

aw! where was that?

Der.. hadn't thought of that!

They have loads of stand-in guitarists!

We are thinking of doing something down here tho' Pat and Linda are coming down soon... have to see if your apartment is free!!! hahahahaha

Here's you and Cheller .

I've just searched for shudbeband in google, there are lots of entries.

What if you get a gig to do?

we might come up at Xmas, you'll have to take Mad to a concert!

Do you remember Cannes?