SIA Now Open To Target/Ball-trap Shooters & Collectors

Chasse members should have already been notified by their local federation, but holders of firearms used for target and clay pigeon shooting might have missed the memo regarding the new online registration system for anyone possessing firearms (or air weapons with muzzle energies above 20 joules).

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I’ve got an air rifle somewhere (bought in England to deter car thieves) but I have no idea what its muzzle energy is. How does one find out?

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ask your Chasse or at the (hunting/fishing) Chasse shop… or a gendarme
(but I wouldn’t wander around with the gun… just ask the question, quietly)

Not likely, it is obviously hidden well out of sight because I haven’t a clue where it is, never been fired at all in 30 odd years. So I certainly don’t want to go stirring a hornets nest of officialdom, just wondered if there was an easy way to tell, if I ever see it again. :wink:

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If you don’t even know where it is, then you might well let sleeping dogs lie… forget all about it and don’t mention it to anyone, especially on a forum… :rofl: :wink:
but, you can still ask the question… casually… as I’ve suggested. Just so that you know if you should be checking to see if you do still have it and should be doing something “official”…

If it was a regular over the counter U.K. air rifle (not held on a U.K. firearms licence), it will be less than 12 foot pounds of muzzle energy which works out to be around 14.5 joules and doesn’t need registering as far as I can tell without setting up a SIA account for myself.

Thank you, I reckon it is, but I bought it from the bloke across the road after my car was stolen twice. I had a fuel cut off fitted to it so that the engine would turn but would not fire, but that would alert me and, from my position in our flat about 20 feet above I would have a clear shot to bounce a pellet off the roof. Never needed to though. I think I will let sleeping dogs lie. :grinning:

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Leaving sleeping dogs that aren’t causing any trouble alone is always a good idea.

Yup, our one is doing just that 1 metre away from me, stretched out on the concrete of the terrasse in the shade of a handily placed (by itself, not me) tree which this year has excelled itself with dense leaf cover. :joy: