Sickness benefit for UK resident in France - advice please!

Hello all - my sister broke her ankle on Monday and after three days of being mauled by the NHS she is now in surgery having a plate put in and the bone set for the third time. She will be in hospital for a week but then she has nobody in the UK to look after her so I intend to get her over here for several weeks so we can care for her. But, she will be eligible for sickness benefit while she cannot work, but can she get it while she is here with me? I understand you have to sign regularly to show you are there, and that if you are in Sunny france it will be assumed you are on holiday, rather than being cared for by a family member while you can't walk.

Any advice or info? I have failed to find anything useful in the UK at all.

Thanks for anything you have...


I think her GP may be able to help you here - don't know if there's a specific form that applies or not though.

Hello again, I should have made it clear that my sister lives in london and I live here (France). sorry for any confusion.