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I have started a petition to ask for a second referendum to see if people have changed their minds and would like to re-join the European Union.

Please take a minute to sign this petition and see if we can get it debated in parliament

Thank you for your support

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What took you so long? :grinning:

What, sort of like Breturn…
Chances of getting this debated in the UK Parliament is akin to threading a camel through the eye of a needle :slightly_smiling_face:
Certainly while Doris and his sorry excuse for a drinks cabinet are running the ship anyway.


That maybe so, but doing nothing will ensure that it is not debated. I would just like to have the opportunity to do something
I am liking Breturn!!

I signed - but wonder why you didn’t do it through - thus at least forcing a UK government response?

I’m not sure that the uk would be welcomed back!


It has to be a question, doesn’t it?

As to the petition - unless you can get more than 17 million signatures, I doubt the government will listen. Actually, even if you got 67 million signatures, they won’t listen.


Interesting poll results here UK poll results – What UK Thinks: EU

For example…

"Q: If there was another referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, how would you vote?

Two draws, otherwise R wins. 10-0 in that period.

Q: In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU?

Wrong overtook Right in June 2017

It won’t happen while the Tories have a working majority. I’d be amazed if Labour came from where they were last time to a majority next time, so that’s another 40 months.

Erratum. 40 months this parliament + 48 the next, if both run to term.

IndyRef in Scotland might nudge it along.

Perhaps you have not heard but Petitions and Private Members Bills have all been suspended.
Nothing will take place in Westminster Hall at all. The reason given is that they do not want so many people on the Westminster Estate.
Boris is becoming more and more like his friend Trump.

Unfortunately never by more than the margin of error/number of “don’t knows”.

By this measure a Rejoin campaign might struggle at present.

It will take a while, need to wait until things get inevitably worse first.

The trouble is that Brexit will make things worse for most people in lots of little ways, rather than one big hit. Unless there is a political appetite (no chance before 2024) it will not happen.

I don’t think the EU would be wise to even consider allowing the UK to rejoin. Not because I don’t want them back in the family, but because it would be completely foolhardy from a political and pragmatic perspective.
It’s a little like what Trump has done to European attitudes about NATO and the US; once trust and expectations of support are broken they can’t be repaired - the assumption has to be that any new administration can/will reverse the policy of the prior one.

So unless the question was “Does the UK commit to re-joining the EU for at least 50 years, with a $500bn non-refundable ‘damage deposit’?” then it would be crazy for the EU to expose itself to the risk of a re-Brexit, with all the associated pain and suffering, in the future.

There was an article I read this morning which suggested that some MEPs are sad that the UK is no longer in the chamber - if only for the “entertainment” value the likes of Farridge and his squaw Widdecombe provided :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed, for that reason and also, the Maestro of sephology, Prof Curtice [Strathclyde U], the last assessment of his that I saw came out with much the same result of the original Ref’dum.

However, since then, Bojo has Got Brexit Done! And the evils thereof are as 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary [insert name of your most loathed Brexiteer here], as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:…”

I think that’s called “Joining the Euro”".

On the subject of petitions, here’s another one, that we have signed more in hope than expectation.

For those who think we should have the right to a vote at least somewhere, sign the petition via the link below.

I doubt very much whether it will have any effect, but might as well try at least.

Done! Thank you David

Hasn’t this been promised in the manifestos of the Conservative Party in the last, who knows, elections?

And which other things promised in their election manifesto have not been junked?