SIM CARD for Android tablet?

If anyone is out there still prepared to talk to me. I have just acquired a new Android tablette, about which I know precisely nothing. The instructions tell me I need a SIM Card, but neither the local Telecom office or the Post Office can provide one OR even tell me what it is I have to buy.

Any advice welcomed - oh it comes with a wifi connection which seems to work on and off, but only to tell me I am connected but nothing happens after that. Yes I do have wifi on my computer. It also rejects Orange for some reason.

I have alsobeen told that I don’t need a SIM Card unless I take the Tablette outside?

Finally does anyone know if these things can be set up in a shop?

More info required you miserable old bugger - I’m not very good with technology but do have a Samsung galaxy tablet that does not require a SIM. But the Lenovo l had before could be used as a phone if l put a SIM card in it. They can be purchased at places like Boulanger, Darty, FNAC etc.

Hang on Dan I am trying work out which on-screen name to use already - Time Walker, Poor Old Sod and now Miserable Old Bugger!

Do you think these can be ordered online? If so is there a special name for them? Type?

The phrase “if anybody out there is still prepared to talk to me” sounds very much like you are being a MOB - Are you trying to invoke sympathy or get info about a tablet or both?

If you tell us the make and model of your tablet perhaps someone on here will be more than willing to help you😊


Certainly not the former I can assure you, merely a recognition of a situation. No only about the Tablette so thanks for the advice which I will follow up on as there is a Darty in Brive which also does online stuff.


Oh I forgot the model is an LNMBBS

I’m not aware of any tablet that “needs” a SIM card but I had a Lenovo Yoga tablet that took a SIM card to access the internet over the mobile phone system if no Wi-fi was available. It took a standard card available from any mobile phone company or some supermarkets. I don’t think it allowed me to use the tablet as a phone but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to use Wi-fi because connections through the SIM card use up your “data” allowance and this can be expensive.

Norman, have a look on Youtube

You should find the tablet can just connect to your home WiFi.

It sounds as though it also has the ability to connect directly to a mobile phone provider via a sim card which you could use when you are not at home and away from an accessible WiFi point.

It is very unlikely that you have to have a sim card but you can if you want to - I would imagine Orange would have one if needed.

Thank you for the advice (collectively if I may). You have explained the SIM card which was my first concern? I did look at youtube, but found the coverage poor and for some reason mainly in Spanish (which wouldn’t translate).

The ‘manual’ is probably OK but so small I cannot read the text clearly, so out with the magnifying glass! I did also speak to two informatiques who naturally enough I suppose (in a way) won’t do anything on a unit not bought from their store - and certainly not when bought on the internet, which I did find vaguely amusing as I would have thought the internet was a core part of their own businesses.

I will also check with the neighbours and see if they have tablettes and could give me few ideas.


Yes…whenever there is an internet connection …Skype works as a phone for a tablet I believe. I think it works anywhere, I’ve talked to pals in Canada via my android tablette, via Skype. And Skype is very cheap, or free I think, if you have someone contact you from no matter where…

Hi, you can buy a sim card from most supermarkets, newsagents, phone shops etc. There is a sim card remover in the kit-flat prong with finger grip. Somewhere on a side there will be a small hole-stick the prong in & a small tray will slide out. Insert your sim, close up & you should find you can use your tablet anywhere with a decent signal. Yours has twin sim slots so you could by one for UK also if you wanted. Some sims come pre-loaded with an allowance-others you have to sign up on line & pay. Just like a mobile phone sim.

Your tablet has slots for two standard 21x15mm SIM cards, which are becoming rare today. You may need to get a couple of adaptors. They are very inexpensive.

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