Sim only with unlimted data - perhaps payg

I have a sim router which I used in UK for 9 months with a Three payg unlimited data sim at £90 for every 3 months when I was back there due to family illness. Worked superbly.

Is there anything equivalent in France? I’m a teacher and have to visio my classes now and the rest of family have their demands so our Orange Fibre isn’t holding up well.

Depends on your distance from a 4G mast but we find this service excellent and very reliable…

That exactly what I want but they really insist you get fibre if its in your building and you can’t seem to order it as a free-standing alternative!

It’s my building and I don’t ave fibre. That may only be the case if the 4G signal isn’t sufficient at your address. The link I gave lets you check your address IIRC. In the first instance, it said it wasn’t available to us but then we found the mast was only 1k away from us so ordered anyway and it worked incredibly fine (and continues to do so). I think you can also chat on line to an operative…

I live in an area which is well-populated so should be no problem (Paris suburb) re: signal but my French will let me down so will get the missus to enquire. Ta for all your help in these testing times mate.

No problem Gary.
If it helps, last time we used the on-line chat facility for a friend (who would find it difficult to cope with rapid French) it was arranged that an English speaking operative would telephone at a specific time to speak to him. The call was received bang on the time arranged - impressive stuff. They are really a helpful bunch of people and I don’t see that changing anytime soon with their high street stores in lock down.

Yes mate. Will do. Thanks again. Tough situation in 94, where we are, & gonna be issued with masks as I suppose we are in one of the worst regions.