Simple Air Conditioning for those suffering from the heat. & DON’T FORGET THE ELDERLY & poorly people

Hi all,
thought this may help some of you & any elderly folk you maybe keeping an eye on, to keep cool or have a good night sleep.


1 small ventilator

+/- 5 plastic bottles full of water full to 1” from the top & air partially squashed out of them.

1 washing bowl to accommodate the bottles

1 deep freeze to freeze the bottles of water.


Freeze bottles of water in deep freeze

Place washing up bowl in room required (at night in the bedroom ½ hour before bedtime) don’t forget to close window & doors.
Place frozen bottles on bowl
Place ventilator in front of bowl with frozen water bottles & set at lowest speed.
Hey presto you have your own air-con unit.
5l of frozen water ventilated in a room of 20m² will bring the room temp down replace bottles of frozen water a frequently as required.
It’s simple thermo dynamics but may help some elderly folks that you know.


All ideas gratefully received …:hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Good idea, lots of videos on you tube:)

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Hi Lily,
Yes, never thought of looking on YouTube but hope many do.
Keep cool

And the not so elderly will also appreciate it!

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Hi Warren,
You too :sunglasses:

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I am going to give this a try tomorrow.

you can put the frozen water bottles on a plate, the plate or bowl is just for trapping the condensation coming off the bottles.
Better to put the bottles just above & behind the fan as cold air falls & as such cold air is sucked into the fan & ventilated out into the room. Of course the more bottles of frozen water the better cooling.
I said 1/2 hour before bedtime, but better a few hours before (don’t forget to keep the doors & windows closed in the room) & change the bottles for new ones at bedtime (if needed) as the walls floors etc will all have heat radiating from them.
Let us all know how you get on.

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Warren, a bit of a dumb question coming up!, but do you think this may work with one of the new ‘blade’ type fans, (dyson ) ?

I fill my rubber hot water bottle with water and put it in the freezer. At bedtime I wrap the frozen ‘hot’ water bottle in a tea towel and, when cuddled, find it keeps me cool during the night.

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Aha… we have one each… tonight we’ll give it a try.

As long as it pushes air around the room

Thanks Warren, I’ll have to find bottles & give it a go!

@Wozza. - right experiment started at 22:10 temperature was 31.6 degrees. Room is approx 12m2.

6x 1.5 litre bottles of frozen tap water.

Fan is Rowenta Turbo Silence pedestal fan - these are absolutely superb fans - fairly quiet for the breeze they create but a bit pricey, bought from Amazon Germany a couple of years ago.

Windows/doors now closed - will check at 23:10.

Phew… thought ours was a trifle warm at 27C… we’re going to put socks and pillow cases in the freezer…

36.6 degres must be nice & toasty. What the temperature now?

I am sorry to say that even after 2 hours the temperature has not gone down at all.

In the bedroom next door with the window open the temperature dropped by 2 degrees.

A great shame as I wanted this to work.

Noted difference in my bedroom but don’t have a thermometer to measure

On Jeremy Vine this morning, Amanda Prowse - one of the panel - suggested placing icepops under her boobs as a way of keeping cool with the added benefit that when the icepops melt, you can simply drink the contents :ice_cube: :rofl:

i’ll try it next heatwave