Simple Pleasures

Off to Questembert shopping this morn’, so will stop off for a beer at the ‘Café du Rond Point’, one of lifes simple pleasures, watching the World go by for half an hour. :slightly_smiling_face:


One of the problems of shopping on Monday is lack of fresh produce.

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Not a problem re what I’m after Jane, but you’re right, esp’ fish!

Really? I must tell our market stall holders. They always seem so proud of their produce.

Well thats the last time I go to Questembert on a Monday (market day) before Sept. Mad!
No pleasure at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It does tend to get very busy in the summer. We quite like the bustle, before picking up some paella for lunch - though we keep promising ourselves we’ll try food from the Vietnamese stall which is always at the eastern end of Les Halles.


The V’ Restaurant is good P’ :+1:
Don’t mind it with B’ so much Paul, She’s working, but that wasn’t a pleasure this morn’, tho’ the beer was ok :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t have a market near here on Monday.

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I’ve been MIA for a while now but a quick trawl today clearly shows that there are certain people who are only here to post to have a dig / pop / snark at others.
Your comments have been noted and action will be taken.
Please behave politely or go and find another online community to post on.


Likewise here Jane, our ‘local’ market is on a Friday and the next to ‘local’ is on a Saturday! The rest of the week nothing…:dizzy_face:

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Around south Morbihan within 30-40 minutes of us there are markets every day of the week:

Ambon, Billiers(?), Noyal Muzillac - Sundays (Jul & Aug)
Questembert - Mondays
Le Guerno - Tuesday (Jul & Aug)
Vannes - Wednesday, Saturday
Malestroit - Thursdays
Muzillac - Fridays
Elven - Fridays
Damgan, Malansac, La Gacilly - Saturdays

I haven’t been to every one so suspect some will be too small to be much use. I’m sure Bill will correct any mistakes

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I live in deepest rural France so that may be why the markets are not so frequent. I thinks it’s because the same stallholders do a different town/village each day thereby creating their circuit !
On holiday in the Vendee some years ago I was amazed at how many markets there were. With fresh fish caught daily and for sale at such good prices. We ate like Kings ! :tropical_fish::blowfish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fish_cake::fish:


:slightly_smiling_face: You know more about them than me Mate, but Malansac is tiny, so imagine others will be too Paul.

I made a list a while ago from various internet sources.

Vannes is (obviously) quite a large one, I seem to recall that either Ambon or Damgan is worth a visit if you are local when it is on, Muzillac is fairly OK and Questembert is, also obviously, worth gong to but has many more vendors and visitors in the summer months (as you observed). Can’t remember if we’ve been to Malestroit.

Must say though, we find market produce often, unjustifiably expensive.

I never, ever buy fish at our local market…the prices are horrendous.
A lovely young couple have a market garden where evereything is grown organically, their vegetables,fruit and tomatoes are varied and good.
A local chicken producer, goat cheese supplier, snail products, their farm is local (but as yet don’t do pick your own) :rofl:
A pinny stall, what is it with the French and their wrap around pinnies similar to what my granny wore?
A couple of clothes stalls, thse are augmented twice a month by the big market where…yes there is another pinny stall, a hat stall, another cheese stall and a beer stand. No, seriously its always a good ambiance and a chance to meet and greet friends and set the world to rights ! :slight_smile:

Redon, on Mondays too, food market under the theatre !

We don’t usually bother with Redon - went once, decided it was a dump and haven’t been back except once to pick up a hire car.

Surprised to hear that Paul, the Port and area around, plus much of the town I find attractive.
A useful commercial area at Cap Nord.
Good railway links. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personal taste, I guess.

To be honest though, much as I love France I find most of the towns very uninspiring - even places like Rochefort-en-Terre are not that appealing if you stray away from the main street (or even away from Place des Puits).

We thought Bordeaux was very nice though and St Malo old town takes some beating as well (but, again - away from the touristy shopping bits and the walls themselves it’s a bit “functional”). Dinan town centre is attractive - loads of gems but on average a bit drab.