Simple,quick, cheap Bank Account - compte-nickel

I have scoured the bank account threads on here (the best resource I know) and find little to warm my heart.

To that end I have found this simple, quick, cheap French bank account:

I would like to use it to pay all my bills, Orange, EDF, viola etc.

Is this good enough to do that? I'm not missing anything am I, this IS a normal bank account just minus a cheque book?

Many thanks. MikeH

Thank you, that's the kind of insight that's invaluable.

I want this to pay all my bills (and the builders etc) so do not need any stigma attached.

I had tried to deal with Boursorma, who said they were happy to open an account while I was still in the UK, but despite all the paperwork I sent and every request I answered they still failed to do so and I got tired of chasing them. I realise my school boy French did not help.

With both these, the documentation requested seemed less invasive, the questioning less onerous, the charges less extortionate.

I am in France next week for the final signing so will try again. I'll check what the post office require.

Not really a "normal" bank account as you have to go to your buraliste, (those who have a borne, we haven't and only 3 buralistes in the Tarn, out of nearly 200, have) you'll pay each time you do anything and you'll be stigmatised each time you get the card out. That may change but it's seen as being for all the casos who are interdits bancaires as it offers them the only credit card and bank account that's open to them, and my day to day experience in my tabac confirms that idea! Why not just go for a normal post office account and take one of the free credit cards (often from banks in luxemberg et al.) or go for an ING account where you get a free credit card, or BforBank, fortuneo or one of the others, they all advertise on tv. ;-)

well no over draft and no cheque book but otherwise looks ok.