Simple veggie meal


1x tin of lentils

1x tin of tomatoes

1x tin /tube of tomato puree

1x t- spoon of ground coriander

1x t-spoon of cumin

1x chilli if you want to make it a little hot and spicy optional

1x leek

1x onion

Olive oil


3x4 Boiled new potatoes thickly sliced but any potatoes will do to enough to cover oven dish

1x goats cheese sliced


Boil the potatoes thickly slices and put the oven on at approx 180 degrees.

Meanwhile fry the onion and leek until soft then add all the other ingredients in the pan until hot.

Place in dish

Add the potatoe slices on top until covereing the filling

Add the goats cheese in slices on top as preffered

drizzle a little oil on top as desired to brown the goats cheese and leave in the oven for about 20mins or more depending on whether the goats cheese is browning and the filling is bubbling through.

Serve with salad.

I wrote this recipe from my head so I hope I have explained clearly. I guess for vegans leave the goats cheese out.

My teenage boys love it! and we are not veggies.


Thanks Cheryl
Thats exactly the kind of thing I was after!
C xx