Simplicity in art

How a few lines and a little wash of Indian ink can produce brilliant art - by Noel Sickles, an American illustrator from the end of last century.

A few sketchbook sketches-as simple as I can get.

These drawings have certainly inspired me to do some linework in ink.I go to an atelier in Montmartre on Sunday evening to draw from a model.Models with a difference,semi clothed,or in costume.Heres one from last weeks session.Hope you're well Debra,still pastelling?![](upload://eiRhFp7lzdbtwaH660FDUV3s8gF.jpg)

These are marvelous renderings. Simplicity is something that can be difficult to keep in one's work. As artists tend to be perfectionists, we futz with work rather than letting in go when it is fresh. Perhaps I will locate my pen and brush lifedrawing studies. If I recall accurately, some weren't bad. :)

Hello Niel, I'm just back from a trip to the UK working at an outdoor event. My job was to chalkboard the workshop signs around 9 venues - changing them each day according to the timetables.

I have a back disability and site transport is my bike, which then turns into a zimmerframe in mud.

But what was really worrying me was my new physiotherapy, which is to support my ailing back with the right hand and work totally left-handed...I was really worried I would have to give up the job.

I simplified the lettering into straight strokes, used a mathematical approach to create the patterns for the shading and tried rzally hard to stick with the left hand throughout. I did it around 75% lefthanded in the end

The promoter told me afterwards he really liked my new style, as it matched their new logos better than the old style. As far as I could tell he had no idea I'd had to switch hands.


simple is SO best

True, nowt wrong with slick. Some stuff somewhere. I used to take slides of my work but my ex-wife took all of them and family slides with her, so only a few original pieces somewhere, I think.

Only 4 sets to go, so I thought, but forgot the library ones but as they are at the rear I'll leave them for a rainy day. They are very old and made of tongue and grooved and had an idea that each of the strips could be painted a slightly different shade but life is too short!

Nothing wrong with slick.I agree the hardest thing is to simplify.Have you still got some of your old advertising work?

Haven't you finished those shutters yet?

You could call this style slick but it is achieved with knowledge, confidence and experience - the sort of thing I used to try to achieve with my ad roughs when you would need to produce several concepts for presentation to the creative director or client.

I'd love to draw with this simplicity but convey the complexity but I always want to put more into my drawings/paintings/illustrations for me to feel comfortable but when I have some free time-17 shutters to paint, living room to decorate, garden to keep in check-I'll try the less is more approach.

Just had a quick look at some of his work,of course he came from that time when draughtsmanship was valued.

Love these,just a few lines but well drawn ones. Theres a lot of people doing this these days,I think I'll have a go myself!!