Single in France

I am a single lady in the Dordogne and had this dream of coming over here meetings loads of new people opening my shutters in the a.m. sun shining etc…everyone I have met is married or living with someone…met some great couples!! Is anyone single and the opposite sex to me please out here…looking for a good laugh and loads of phone calls!! I come and go to the UK on a regular basis…work, and as I write this have no idea how to powt onto the site…so you may never read this which means I am a single lady living in the Dordogne still awaiting phone calls!!


Hi Lynne
I’m not exactly in your target group , in that I’m female, married and not in the Dordogne, but I do like a good laugh and can use a phone. so if I can help can fill one or 2 gaps to get you started let me know!!

Sandy Whitehead
PS where are you in the Dordogne? May know someone closer to you who is more in your 'job description’