Single & sociable!

Hi…I’ve just joined having been here in the north Dordogne near Chalus 87 & Thiviers 24 since March this year. Now I’m quite settled and getting used to to the slower pace of life here… wondering if there’s anyone looking for friendship or interested in sharing their french experiences. I’d like to start or join a group of similar singles M & F that are in a similar position for meet ups with interesting discussion ie, sharing garden ideas, DIY…renovating, art & crafts or just general socialising and meeting others, organised lunch & evening outings!

Hello Sheridan and welcome to the Forum.

Why not pop into your Tourist Office… and/or Library… they should give you info on the local clubs and associations. It’s quite possible there will be something to interest you and get you involved in the local community… and you can build on that… :relaxed:

Hello huni. Being single myself I understand, but I’m afraid that rural France is where the singles scene came to die… It is extremely difficult, even with all the positive attitude in the world, to date. I don’t know your age range dating wise so perhaps you will have a more larger and more attractive pool to dip your toes into.
I am very sociable and I am a member of a ladies that lunch group, once a month. All are older than me and None are single, but we do have a laugh and choose lovely restaurants. Here you have to remember that ‘out is out’ and beats the alternative! You’re not far away so if you’d like you could join us. I realise this might not be the best offer you’ve had lol, but I’m offering anyway.


Nicola… have you considered joining mixed-groups… rather than just the ladies…??

What hobbies do you have… what leisure interestes ?? There are groups/clubs for nearly everything… and it is a great way to make friends and meet people…

Hello Stella,

Thank you for your reply and kind welcome.

I’m a professional singer and DJ, I am on a local bars pool team, I also volunteer for a local charity. I am active within my large community and have an excellent group of close friends amongst many other friendly faces. There is just a huge lack of attractive, single men generally, especially ones in their 40’s in and beyond my area. I see a lot of couples get together merely because they do not want to be by themselves, equally couples who stay together for that very same reason. Sadly even if you are so-called ‘out there’ the men are not. I have also used dating sites, French and English and I am not a pessimist so I hate to say it, its just not out there.


Oh Nicola… it sounds as if you are thoroughly enjoying life here in France… even if the single men are keeping a low-profile… :wink:

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