Sir Bruce Forsyth... died today

I always enjoyed his shows… he seemed as nice off-stage as he was on…

I make no excuses for posting more… I liked him… and feel sad for his family.

Hi Stella,
Yes i liked the chap too. He may have had some corny one liners; but he made very simple shows fun to watch. As with so many celebrities and well known figures who we have lost in the last couple of years; we have come to know them mainly through the television.
Probably as so many of them are in the limelight, there maybe few days go by before we hear of another celeb/singer/songwriter/actor; and as they have aged ( along with us all) we have come to know so many through different media…

Hi Glenn…

Along with the likes of the Two Ronnies… his comedy was good clean fun…and, yes, sometimes corny… but …great fun, just the same… for me, he is like one of the family. :smile: I seem to have grown up/grown old alongside him… :grin:

As i grew up, I think it was around turning into a teenager for me, that B/W telly was giving way to colour. I guess ever since those days people watch their fav TV shows and the presenters do sort of become your removed family in certain cases.

It’s rather like your favourite film stars… if so-and-so is in the film… you feel comfortable…you know you will enjoy it… :slight_smile:

Yes Stella certainly. I think people build an affiliation, and actually grieve at ones demise; even if they do not actually know them as a person. Thinking of it like that seems a strange phenomenon…but at the same time understandable.

A well deserved knighthood, he did so much for charity. And what a career he had … we’ve lost one of entertainment’s finest.


Quite right Sandy… he was very generous with his time… supported so many good causes…

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One of my friends in UK travelled the country as a Bruce Forsyth look alike
and was paid to image this character. Strictly Come Dancing was a great addition
to family TV and Bruce was very much the life and soul of the party.

They don’t make 'em like that any more. A great star


You are so right… a good all-round entertainer…almost last of a dying breed. (Gosh, I sound like my Gran…must snap out of this maudlin moment…)

Ha… nothing wrong with Grans… my wife is one of those :grinning::grinning: