Sir Rhodes Boyson

Can anyone explain the true story of his personal life.

Look beyond his political participation and his command as a Headmaster.

I would like to know,

Pardon..... Silly me.....

A slight flaw in your arguement Hilary, it's still only FEBRUARY !!!

No, think it's the ....

IDES OF MARCH !.........BEWARE ! ! !

The return of JC...?

Trailing clouds of glory ?

Actually Rapture & Armageddon forecast....(about 12th para)

I am not deceived .....but I live in hope.

Money is power and the route of all evil.

Don't be deceived Barbara, anything a world leader does isn't usually for altruistic reasons ...

Ukraine is oil & mineral rich, money is power..;

OK lets see if there is any goodness there.

Ah, Peter Pan Day?

Aha, howsabout Comrade Putin agreeing to the ceasefire from the 15th ?

Ok, i'm a cynical old bugger so what's the catch ?

Peter in a funny sort of way because the persons name begins with P just

like yours.....can we find some good in the who is in charge of some of the

misery in the world.

Are you getting closer ?

Let's not get into that!

Well, I usually change my underpants on the 15th of the month ?

Am I getting warm ?

If we are look for the good in people.

Good intentions.

What is to happen on the 15th of this month?

The curse of King Tut? His tomb was opened on this date by Howard Carter?

Can we have some kind of a clue ?

Yes....exceptionally deep.

I wonder if anyone will get this.

Sorry, you've lost me...

There is always something good to be found in everyone?

We will see on the 16th Feb>

Grâce à Monsieur Boyson !