Siret No's for web based business

Good afternoon all - first post from me so apologies if I am not using the correct part of the forum for this question or contravenes any ‘advertising’ rules.

I have a small web based business which I haven’t been giving much time to, but now want to start raising the profile of. It’s owned by my own limited company in the UK, and is registered to my address in the UK.

The business is a simple auction website, and I am aim to have users throughout Europe as a low cost alternative to some of the larger well known sites.

Do I need to include a siret no on the front page, or simply my limited co number?

Look forward to your thoughts.



Hi Patrick,

Many thanks for the reply - much appreciated.



Hi Tim, as your company headquartered in UK owns this website, your Ltd id. might be applied even though you run a business beyond UK’s borders.