Sky box anyone?


Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Sky Digibox in France ?

Many thanks

EBay UK has plenty - it would need to be shipped over.

Try Facebook Marketplace Peter, loads of Brits advertise their unwanted stuff on there.

I’ve seen this people advertised

If you’re ever in Normandy I’ve got one you can have for free

I’m not Mark, but I could pay the p&p.

I’ll see if I can find something suitable to pack it in



Just be aware that the newer Sky 4K boxes need a wideband LNB rather than the more common (for France anyway) universal LNB.

Its just a normal HD box, watching rugby today- I’ll get things sorted tomorrow @Peter_Bird

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Bart has been around in Brittany for as long as I can remember doing installations and everything TV connected and I have read good reports about him. I chucked our last digibox in the dustbin years ago.

Try a Sky box :joy:
I am just throwing out 2 sky receivers.

@Peter_Bird - I just sent you a PM

Have you tried expat-tv - I have that as well as Sky and expat cost me 100 euros per year and sky is £34 a month. You can get Sky boxes on ebay and then have to phone Sky for a connection - unless you already have one. Expat is a wifi so can watch it on comp/phone as well as tv their box is £25 and connect to tv. Can`t always get BBC etc on sky so expat is the alternative.

Hi Maggie, thanks for the info.
I have my Sky card and can get pretty good coverage down here in the Tarn with a 90cm dish. I changed my ageing Panasonic steam driven box with a Digibox some years ago but this just gave up the ghost a few days back.

I am in Tarn nr Castres and the BBC and some of the others have been so bad this Summer so decided on expat as well- be ok when they move the satelite back for Winter.

Blimey Maggie, not too many problems around Albi.