Sky in france

I want to have Sky in France so I can see Formula One…does anyone know what I need to do…


You can use NowTV with a VPN

If you just want F1 then F1TV is likely cheaper (available in France so no VPN required - with various language commentary) >>

total sportek .com completely free no registration required

Thank you I will have a go! Really want to get F! Live rather than having to wait for the highlights!!

thank you for that.

If you want to get F1 + the other sky sports channels then there is the Sky app which costs £5 per month and then use a VPN … ‘apparently’!

I think that is watching on a phone only. On a ipad/pc ir is £25-£30 ish per month.

Hi, I’ m new here.

I have a very old sky box installed off our satellite dish. I have no card so no subscription.

If I buy a new box for £20 and take out a £29 subscription with a UK address, will it work in France when I get back here ?


Do you currently receive a signal successfully?

If yes then it should work. The only slight issue is that I don’t know if Sky will issue a card by post. If the do you will have to speak to Sky and give them details of the box they will then pair it with your new card.

I know if you are an active subscriber, it is listed on their website that if you move house and there is already a dish there that works you are free to connect the receiver yourself and you then don’t require an engineer to reconnect you they would just need your new UK address.

I just don’t know if you can take out a new Sky subscription without an engineers visit.

Thanks for your reply.

I plan to go to the UK next week so I thought I would be able to order the new box to my address there and then bring it over myself.
I don’t have a sky connection in the UK ,will they check that or just give me the box do you think ?

You can get a sky box via ebay, I don’t think Sky would post one to you - I just don’t know about getting a new card without an engineer visit.

You could get Sky to install one at your UK house, then bring it with you.

It is important that you do NOT go for the new style Sky Q box as much of this is internet based which without a VPN router will not work.

Ok thanks for that info I hadn’t thought of eBay, so I would buy the box then just contact sky for the subscription?

Possibly - I just don’t know if they would issue a card without installation.

Ok , thanks for your advice, that’s really helpful