Slow cooker

Now the proud owner of a large slow cooker, please could anyone suggest any good recipes/recipe sites/meats to cook in it as I'm not sure what the equivalent cuts of meat are in English. For example we use lots of bourguignon, collier and we also have lurking in the freezer some pot au feu (remains of part of a cow we bought) We tried that last night and it came out rather gloopy.


I find that using the high setting for 4 hours , rather than the low setting for 8 hours taste better and the meat is firmer and not as mushy.
I am not an slow cooker expert though. I have a slow cooker but havent used it much. GOOD LUCK!
I agree with Natasha-google slow cooker and you will have a lot of ideas. I have put a link to one above.

Try ox tail with plenty of barley, lovely, its the best part of winter the slow cooker that is.


I LOVE my slow cooker and couldnt live without it. Busy day? No problems... just throw some food in at the start of the day and you have a meal ready when you get home!

I have several slow cooker books but dont bother using any as I hate all the 'brown this', 'saute that', 'do something' - there is nothing you cant cook by just putting all ingrediants in at once : )

Try bolognaise, sausages, chicken, soups, rice pudding even your christmas pudding... yesterday I put in pork chops, onions, mushrooms, water (never too much), stock cube and balsamic vinegar - last night we had lovely moist pork chops in a rich gravy!

Just google slow cooker recipes and there will be thousands but you can pretty much cook ANYTHING!

Have fun