Small,Interesting discoveries for today

Paris tripping? delightful trip, at relatively tiny cost. Bus trips are so cheap, as you probably know, but what about a place to stay when you get there? Don’t know about other countries, but in Japan , spotless hostels with all essential comforts, ( inc. of the pod kind), have been around a long time.
First Paris comfy hostel I tried, was on Monday eve. So nice! Not a speck of dust, charming folk in charge, free breakfast, all for 30e Is that a good price or not? I know camping is cheaper, but not a lot, and not close to centre. Is there protection in Paris, against the gentrification that has killed other city communities? Seems to be so perhaps I imagine.

And another small xyz. I have a very ancient Archos tablet…
Discovered recently, that it seems capable of life everlasting, IF I remember to give its CACHE a good cleanout, at least once every few hours. A very simple process, that clears all the knots caused in its thinking and remembering.