Small Island

Why is the UK, so determined, to become a small, unimportant, insignificant, group of small islands.
No longer. G.B.
With an Empire.
West of, The Continent of Europe.
Reminds me, of Suicidal wee animals.
Lemmings ?


Extreme right wing determined to be big fish in a small pond.


Baffles me Bill. Some say it’s because some of the big yins don’t want to be caught out by new tax regulations. Some wanted the sovereignty that they had never lost to be returned. Some believed the lies on the side of a bus. Whatever reason there’s no doubt that the country will be much poorer in economic and political influence terms.


Baffles me too. We’ve had enough of the lunacy and decided to déménager á France. We always were a bit mad but it’s become too bizarre even for us so we’ve bought the house, the car and are set up to go come permanently in September! We are under no illusions that life in France will be a walk in the park and know we are taking a rather large leap into the unknown but no more so than what may happen in March. My husband, ever the pragmatist says that whilst he may have regrets for things he’s done, he doesn’t wasn’t to regret not trying. To be quite honest we are both fed up with the press, politics and attitudes here. The UK has become a divided country . Families are still divided by the referendum result . For us personally it has almost destroyed our plans and forced us to take a chance. Crime is at an all time high in the UK. The suburban city closest to our village has seen a rise in shootings and assaults . Burglaries and break ins have become commonplace in our village - one where 20 yrs ago you could leave your doors & windows unlocked. Now we lock them even when we’re home. The closest police station is 10 miles away and they won’t come and investigate unless the perpetrators are disturbed in the process of burgling! Even my sister’s little village in deepest rural Norfolk has had 2 burglaries in the past 2 weeks. The media is downright biased with the BBC just a government mouthpiece. The roads are truly awful. My new (lhd) car feels like it’s being shaken to bits each time I venture out - the potholes are mostly my side and I daren’t swerve around them as it puts the whole car onto the wrong side of the road . Our health service is creaking at the seams - even my GP said recently that it’s broken - with the private sector in dire need of some kind of shake up to bring it into line. My theory is that the propaganda machine put it out that being in the EU was the cause of all these problems and once out of it there would be funds a plenty to rectify all that’s wrong. Sadly 52% of the population swallowed this scapegoating theory and now we’re headed for even greater chaos . 8 months away from leaving the EU and no one seems any clearer about what is actually going to happen. So call us rats if they will but we’re leaving the ship to it’s own fate. I hope it stays afloat for the sake of those we leave behind but we’ve said they’re welcome to join us !


The very best of luck with the move Vanessa and OH :slightly_smiling_face: hope all works out well, sure all here will offer any support they can :+1:

Hello Vanessa from a fellow Essex girl! I grew up on Canvey Island and lived for several years in Harlow before coming to France. Used to work one day a week in the Chelmsford office of the accountancy firm I worked for.

I know how bad life is becoming from my family who still live on Canvey.

Best of luck with your move and don’t hesitate to ask for advice on here.

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Aw, thank you so much. That’s very kind. I’m sure we’ll find a few things to daunt us and foil my French :see_no_evil:

Aw thank you Mandy. We’ve already felt welcomed by the village we’re moving to and have met many of the “Expats” living in or near it and some of our French neighbours too. I’m a bit daunted by the decorating and wish I was younger and fitter but we have plenty of time and it’s not exactly falling apart . The house is perfectly habitable just a bit “old fashioned” and has a somewhat quirky kitchen :see_no_evil:It’s taken me 25 years to turn our current house into something liveable and loveable and sadly only the next tenant will get the benefit ! I too worked in Chelmsford for many years. Initially for the local authority then for a large telecommunications company in their ITC dept . Now semi retired and only work a couple of days a week as support for 2 young people with learning disabilities. My husband does a similar role one day and one evening a week and is a private hire driver the rest of the time. He says he’s going to spend his time eating cheese & drinking wine​:joy:. Not if I have anything to do with it he isn’t - he needs to watch his cholesterol even if he is a skinny tin ribs :rofl:

It’s great that you have already met some locals. Make friends with them and you will have a constant source of advice. Believe me, you will need it when you first move.

The decorating will happen eventually. You can always invite family & friends to stay and they can help you decorate in exchange for a free holiday.

Lots of cheese and wine for you to try :baguette_bread::cheese::wine_glass::clinking_glasses:

A glorious adventure awaits :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

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Well done on your move.

My own experiences are that the UK is still one of the most welcoming countries in the world and plenty still choose to come both from EU countries and ROW seeking a better future. Rumours of its demise are greatly exaggerated.

It seems the wounds of Brexit have cut deep for some but we must keep it in perspective. We could have been born somewhere else where life is truly awful.

Always move to be in a place you love rather than away from a place you hate, otherwise you risk never finding peace.

“Why no longer G.B.?”

Great Britain refers to the large island, the central part of the British Isles. It has nothing to do with the idea that Britain is powerful or influential.

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I never thought that my own would have so little care for their fellow citizens.
They may be welcoming to others, but they have certainly given us a kick up the bum.
I will never accept Brexit, although I may be forced to accept the results.

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I think a lot of folks supporting the leave campaign, have a ‘very inflated’ idea of the small islands power and influence, hence, wrexit :expressionless:

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and conversely many remain supporters hold the polar opposite view. The truth will likely be somewhere in the middle.

Any influence ‘GB’ may once have had, as part of ‘Europe’, is sliding rapidly ‘down the pan’. :roll_eyes: